Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy

Komatsu Pakistan Soft (KPS) acknowledges the importance of protecting customers/users personal & confidential information and is fully committed to ensuring the security of the data entrusted to its care. The Privacy Policy of KPS is an essential part of this website's terms of use, providing clear guidelines on how KPS handles personal information to guarantee its utmost security and confidentiality.

KPS shall exclusively process the personal & confidential information provided by its customers/users within a defined scope, only for the purposes outlined below:
Upon obtaining prior explicit consent from customers/users.

Providing customers/users with information about the products and services KPS is offering.

Developing & providing better products and services.

If you choose not to provide personal information to KPS, you have the option to decline permission at your discretion. However, please note that in such cases, you may be unable to utilize the website services that require your essential information.

KPS shall refrain from disclosing or sharing customers/users’ personal & confidential information with third parties, unless any of the following circumstances apply:
When they provide prior consent,

When obligated by laws or regulations,

When required to do so by government agencies through notifications or directives.

KPS will store personal & confidential information for the period required to achieve the intended purpose of obtaining such information. However, if legal obligations dictate otherwise, the duration will be determined in accordance with applicable laws.

KPS will implement suitable security measures to protect customers/users’ information against unauthorized access, leaks, loss, or any other misuse.

KPS will follow applicable laws and regulations by responding to customer/user requests related to the confirmation, amendment, withdrawal of consent, or any other matters concerning their information. To make such requests, please reach out to the contact information provided below.

Inquiry Contact

For any inquiries or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy or the handling of personal information, please click here to submit your inquiry online.