Feeling constrained in managing multiple aspects of servicing Komatsu heavy machinery? Struggling to keep track of all service jobs your machines are involved in, and unable to find a proficient solution to implement preventive maintenance strategy on your machines? This means you need a diverse solution like Servien, combining the best of functionality and expediency to help you beef up the servicing and maintenance of your Komatsu heavy machinery.

How It Works?

Simplicity and ease of use is one of the prime benefits of Servien. It caters to all underlying complexities of managing machine servicing itself while providing a simple but efficient interface to the users. User can navigate through and manage jobs with their respective dashboards containing different options for each one of them.

  • Application Login

    Users are required to log in by providing their unique login credentials, which leads them to respective dashboards.
  • Application Dashboard

    Application dashboard comprises of the following modules, which can be accessed according to user status:
    • User Panel
    • My Jobs
    • Query Reports
    • Job Assignments
    • Reassign Jobs
    • Update Jobs
    • Copy JSEA
    • Adhoc Reports
    • Take 5
    • JSEA
    • Warranty
    • Condition Report
    • PM Checks
    • New Machine
    • Final Inspection
    • Admin Panel
    • Manage Users
    • Manage Branches
    • Manage Machines
    • Image Gallery
  • Application Users

    Supervisor and CSSR users are responsible for:
    • • Assigning jobs to Technician user
    • • Reviewing jobs that are submitted by Technician user
    • • Creating adhoc jobs
    • • Linking adboc jobs with other jobs
    Technician users are responsible for:
    • • Performing inspection for assigned jobs
    • • Submitting jobs to supervisor user for review
    • • Creating adhoc jobs
    Estimator users are responsible for:
    • • Providing job estimate of condition reports
    • • Reassigning jobs
    • • Updating jobs
    • • Viewing query reports
    Admin users are responsible for:
    • • Managing users
    • • Managing branches
    • • Managing machines
    • • Managing image gallery
  • Job Creation, Job Assignment and Reassignment

    Users can view and access their assigned jobs through their respective dashboards using ‘Query Reports’ feature, which is accessible for Supervisor, CSSR, Technician, and Estimator users. By default, ‘Query Reports’ is set to list all jobs that are accessible to a user, which can be filtered by providing specific criteria in search fields to view ‘Job Details’ and its reports including ‘Warranty Report’ and ‘PM (Preventive Maintenance) Checks’.
  • Warranty Report

    Warranty report is like filling a warranty card to claim warranty of an item. It contains essential information about machine with relevant error codes and descriptions. Even photos can also be attached as evidence through this report.
  • PM Checks

    This report is comprised of different sections, i.e. ‘GENERAL INFORMATION’, ‘CUSTOMER DETAILS’, ‘SERVICE DETAILS’, ‘SAFETY REPORT’ and ‘GENERAL INSPECTIONS’, where information in each section is meant to help user get a detailed picture to plan preventive maintenance of the machine.
  • Adhoc Jobs

    If a job is not available in system, user can add it by using Take Five, JSEA, Warranty, and Condition Report modules. The created jobs will be treated as adhoc jobs and will be available in ‘My Jobs’ module from where you can manage them. ‘Adhoc Job’ feature is accessible for Supervisor, CSSR, Technician, and Estimator users. Users can create following adhoc jobs from here using TAKE 5 and JSEA forms, where TAKE 5 form is essential for creating every job:
    • • Warranty
    • • Condition Report
    • • PM Checks
    • • New Machine
  • Warranty

    To create a warranty form, a user must first create a ‘Take Five’ form. In ‘Job Details’ screen, +Warranty button becomes active through which user can add a warranty form for the job. After submitting ‘Take Five’ form, ‘Warranty’ form is displayed, where user can enter relevant information, comments and photos to give a complete scenario of the job at hand, which is required to claim warranty for the machine.
  • Condition Report

    It is mandatory to submit ‘Take Five’ form to get access to ‘Condition Report’ form, which is comprised of multiple sections. All mandatory fields are represented with asterisk (*) sign and must be filled in order to submit the form, starting from ‘General Information’ section where general information about a job needs to be filled in. This section is followed by ‘Safety Report’ section, which offers Yes/No/NA options along with comments where necessary. Next comes the ‘Component’ section where the components needing attention are highlighted by selecting the desired ones. It is followed by ‘Damage’ and ‘Damage Diagram’ sections enabling user to list the damages with the help of damage diagrams.

    After successful submission of condition report form, Supervisor user accesses the form from My Jobs module. The supervisor user can now either finalize the job himself if the form seems ok, or he can send it to Estimator/CSSR for review.

  • PM Checks

    ‘Take Five’ form is also a prerequisite for accessing ‘PM Checks’ form. This form also contains multiple sections where all mandatory fields are represented with asterisk (*) sign and must be filled in order to submit the form. It starts with ‘General Information’ section, which requires general information about the job. ‘Safety Report’ section is next, which provides Yes/No/NA options along with comments where necessary. Same holds true for ‘General Inspection’ section, which follows ‘Safety Report’ section. You can submit the form when all required information is added through it.
  • New Machine

    Submission of ‘Take Five’ form is also mandatory for accessing ‘New Machine’ form, which basically serves as a means to add a new machine for service job(s). This form also contains multiple sections, with all mandatory fields represented with asterisk (*) sign, and every section needs to be filled in with relevant information. Once form is completed, user can submit it for further proceeding after a supervisor oversees it.
  • Admin Controls

    Admin controls in Servien include:
  • User Management

    An admin can add a new user, filter available user records, edit user records and delete user records as and when needed.
  • Branch Management

    Admin can also perform same functions with respect to branches, i.e. adding a new branch, filtering available branch records, editing and deleting branch records.
  • Machine Management

    Machine management is also a prerogative of Admin in Servien. Admin can add new equipment, edit and delete existing equipment record, filter model records, add new models, edit and delete existing model records.
  • Image Gallery Management

    Admin can also manage image gallery, which includes viewing, adding and deleting equipment images as per the situation.
  • Major Benefits of Servien

    Major benefits of Servien are as following
  • Worker Safety

    Servien ensures worker safety by turning ‘TAKE 5’ safety protocol obligatory for any operative who wants to proceed with machine service or maintenance. Unless a worker undergoes ‘TAKE 5’ safety protocol and submits the report electronically, Servien will not proceed to the next step of the job. Similarly, JSEA (Job Safety and Environment Analysis) form is incorporated to make sure workers vigilantly assess the environment they are going to be exposed to, recording and reporting the whole scenario with the help of appropriate questions and relevant descriptions. Once they go through the form sequentially, they can submit it to proceed to the actual job.
  • Streamlined Process

    Servien streamlines all the steps involved in conducting service and maintenance procedures on heavy machines for optimal results with its intuitive design and enhanced features. Instead of techs running after essential forms scattered here and there to complement service procedures, they can get access to all of them consolidated conveniently at one platform, enjoying unmatched ease and convenience.
  • Enhanced GUI

    One of the best things about Servien is the enhanced graphical user interface it offers, allowing users to carry out and manage heavy machinery service and maintenance with unprecedented ease.
  • Multiple Platforms

    You can use this app on multiple platforms, such as Windows PC, Windows Tab, Android Tab, Android Smartphone as well as on web.
  • Support for Multiple Roles

    It not only offers enhanced GUI, but also offers support for multiple roles, i.e. Supervisor, CSSR, Technician, Estimator and Admin, where each role enjoys a customized dashboard, maintaining perfect order and hierarchy.
  • Offline Mode and Adhoc Jobs

    Servien can be used in offline mode as well, which adds to its versatility. Offline mode enables a user create adhoc jobs on any remote location without internet connectivity. All the information is synched to network when internet becomes available again and a supervisor can manage the jobs accordingly.
  • Job Search

    Job search is also a very handy feature, which enables users to search an already created job, helping them quickly find and proceed with a particular job.
  • Communication

    Servien also helps establish an effective communication mechanism helping easy internal as well as external communication. Internally, every activity involving a machine can be seen and tracked via the system. To manage external communication, a complete service report can also be sent to machine owner when it is serviced.
  • Visibility

    Servien adds to the visibility of otherwise quite strewn process of heavy machinery servicing, making sure Komatsu subsidiaries remain totally aware of what’s going on with a particular machine at a given time. With every step of the way visible to the administrators, keeping track of the whole process becomes much easier and timesaving.
  • History

    Since every activity involved in servicing of a machine is being registered and recorded through Servien, one can view and access the history of individual service records of machines.
  • Expedite Your Heavy Machinery Servicing Endeavors

    Automating business processes has become one of the major requirements for coping up with continuously increasing competition. However, it’s not as much about automating itself as it is about doing so immaculately, and this is where Servien excels. It will expedite your heavy machinery servicing endeavors to a whole new level, helping you save time, manpower and revenue.