Komatsu Pakistan Soft (Pvt.) Limited (KPS) is a subsidiary of Komatsu Group of Companies based in Japan. We specialize in enterprise software application solutions, IT consultancy and outsourcing services. Established in 1999, KPS has been able to evolve into a highly reputable entity within Komatsu group as well as across the global IT industry.

KPS offers software development and consultancy services to Komatsu Group of Companies in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and USA, providing top notch software products and total solutions precisely tailored to client’s needs and requirements. One of the distinguishing features of KPS is its highly professional, skilled and motivated team who believe in going above and beyond in serving client’s expectations and requirements. These feats are achieved by proactive quality assurance methods, on-going management reviews and continual improvement based on customer feedback.

Quality work, timely delivery, comprehensive solutions and competitive prices are some of the distinguishing features of KPS, making it a leading choice for clients from around the globe.




President & CEO

Since its establishment in 1999, KPS has strived to provide reliable IT solutions and services to customers around the globe. One of the major reasons behind its success has been the utter commitment to equip the customers with most viable products, IT solutions and consultancy services. KPS is a group of smart, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced and customer-centric people who deem quality not as an option, but as an absolute necessity. Motivated with the distinctive attitude of “WE CAN, WE WILL” , KPS engineers are anticipated to strengthen the Komatsu Group of Companies with their robust products, top quality services and comprehensive solutions. We are determined and looking forward to KPS for extending its legacy of continuing growth and achievements in years to come.

Meet Our Team

Takashi Miyashita

President & CEO

Mr. Takashi Miyashita is the President & Chief Executive Officer of KPS. With his strategic leadership skills, he works with company board and management members to establish long-range goals, plans, and policies. His planning, direction and analysis of organization's performance is commendable.
Mr. Miyashita holds bachelor degree in Applied Physics. Besides work, reading, playing Guitar, and travelling are his major interests.

Kaoru Yamagishi

Vice President

Mr. Kaoru Yamagishi is the Vice President of KPS. He is responsible for company growth and business promotion. His most significant contribution is his role in making strategic and operational decisions of the company with other board members and ensures statutory & compliance obligations.
Mr. Yamagishi earned bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering. Apart from work he enjoys photopraghy, painting, and reading.

Khalid Yaqub

Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Khalid Yaqub is the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer. He is the visionary force behind KPS, overseeing operational & administrative functions of company business. He works with CEO & Board of Directors in formulating and administering company policies, directing and coordinating all department team activities to develop and implement medium to long-range goals and objectives.
He supervises key projects and ensure processes standardization company wide. Mr. Yaqub holds MS degree in Computer Science. Apart from work, his interests are Hiking, following sports specially Soccer & Cricket, and Travelling.

Faraz Ahmad Sheikh

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Faraz Ahmad is the Deputy General Manager and has been working for KPS for almost two decades in different capacities. He has a vast and diverse experience in the Komatsu Spare Parts domain. Other than that he also possesses a strong knowledge of Machine Sales, Warranty and Service Operations. Major responsibilities include; defining application requirements by conferring with clients, evaluating processes, solution designing by evaluating alternative workflows and solutions.
Mr. Shaikh holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Other than work, he loves all types of sports, travelling and making friends all over the globe.

Zeeshan Qureshi

Senior Project Manager & Solution Architect

Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi is Project Manager and Solution Architect. He leads our mobility and web solutions team and brings a high degree of creativity and attention to detail to his role as Project Manager. He has worked on multi technological apps and projects for our multicultural clients.
Mr. Qureshi holds MS degree in Project Management and bachelor’s degree in computer science. Outside work he enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new places and cricket.

Ibrar Hussain

Senior Project Manager & Solution Architect

Mr. Ibrar Hussain is Project Manager and Solution Architect. He is responsible for handling KPS After-Sales projects. Having extensive experience in software development & project management, he is working with clients across US, Japan, and Middle-East.
Mr. Hussain holds MS Software Engineering degree. In his free time, he enjoys reading books and news.

Atif Malik

Senior Manager Infrastructure

Mr. Atif is Senior Manager Infrastructure. Having vast knowledge of networks he manages overall infrastructure of KPS. He provides technical support for new and existing technologies. Keeping all the services secure, he is also responsible for troubleshooting problems at the highest levels.
Mr. Malik earned Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Outside work, he likes travelling and playing games.