VIA Komatsu is a web-based application for Distributors and Production Sources to communicate Quotation, Purchase Order, and send Inquiries. It provides real time price calculation in relation with specifications configuration.


  • Machine Configurator

    Using this functionality, user can select various available options of sales codes to configure machine and view the pricing update at real time. System groups all options based on on the option groups to select easily.
  • Constraint Check

    For customized requests, it is not possible to configure the machine with all possible combinations due to technical complications. VIA system provides functionality to check constraint on change of any sales code by user. System shows warning messages if any machine rule is violated with reason.
  • Inquiry

    Using this functionality, the corresponding distributor can create a quotation and requests the production source to confirm the configuration and pricing. Distributor user can view the status of quotation and can request details from production source.
  • Purchase Order

    Using this functionality, user can generate order of machines with requested delivery date. After reviewing the specification ordered by distributor users, Production source can approve/reject the order. User can search already created Purchase order’s and can generate new Purchase order by copying the information.
  • Import Machine Configuration

    In this system, user can import already configured machine configuration generated from any other module, i.e. Simulation Quotation or Purchase order. This helps saving the time and hassle to start configuration from scratch. VIA system will automatically notify the user if pricing, billing rate or sales code is not available while import process.
  • Order status

    The user who has initiated the process of Purchase order registration can view the status of purchase order till shipping information and can start modification request process if any change is required in Purchase order.


  • Email notifications

    The application provides the functionality to send the email notifications on creation of Quotation and Purchase Order. Each module performs its task and generates email to the related users along with system generated report. This keeps all the stakeholders updated for what is going to the specific request.
  • Interfacing with OES

    The application provides the functionality to communicate with other systems that are maintaining pricing/ordering process of machines. As soon as purchase order is created in VIA system it will be transferred to other system in specific format with required information.
  • Print & Master data Export

    This application provides functionality to Print simulation, quotation and Purchase order at any stage or process. The reports can vary from region to region depending on custom /shipping requirements. VIA system can export all data into CSV files with functionality to add/remove any specific column. The data export report covers all modules including master data. User login history etc.
  • Machine Configuration Log

    Using this functionality, an admin user can view all the machine configurations done by distributors to analyze the usage of specific sales code in machine configuration. This helps identifying demand and pricing strategy of sale codes in specific region.
  • Bulletin Board

    The application also provides Functionality to show Bulletin Board as soon as user has logged-in. The information is related to change in pricing and new addition of Machine models; it also includes the change in billing rate for distributors.