Distribution eXpress (DX) is a software package, designed to automate the Distribution activities and operations of Suppliers & Distributors. Package of 3 products i.e. PDX (For Spare Parts) , EDX (For Equipment) and SDX (For Service & Warranty), DX offers concrete control for the business operations of Spare Parts, Equipment, after Sales Service/Support & Warranty management . All these products are tightly coupled & integrated with each other, so that data processed by one system can become the input for other system e.g. For a Service / Work Order, Spare Parts Order in PDX can be directly generated from SDX. As per requirement, all the 3 products can also be implemented independently, having ease of interfacing them with any legacy system of the company.


  • Parts Operation

    The System supports daily & monthly operations related to parts sales and purchase. Easily track status of Parts being delivered to customers or ordered to Suppliers. It can be interfaced with other systems such as warehouse management systems or accounting system of the distributors.
  • Service & Warranty

    This System allows distributors to handle their daily service related operations. It allows to interact with parts system to acquire parts for Work Order completion. Service people update their daily activities against the Work Orders assigned to them. Service managers can see the entire operations at a glance from scheduling screens thus helping in daily service operations.
  • Equipment Distribution

    The System allows distributors to handle their daily operations for Machine Sales and Purchase. It allows to interact with parts system to acquire parts and it also interacts with Service System for managing Job Orders. Once equipment's are delivered by Suppliers they are assembled - tested and are then shipped to customers. In case Equipment is available in stock they are sent direct to customer’s location.

Main Features

  • Parts Operation

    • Quotation & Sales Order Management
    • Picking/Packing/Shipping
    • Sales Invoice Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Order’s Tracking
    • Supplier Invoice Management
    • Parts Operations Reports
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Stock Taking (Cycle Counting)
    • Multi-Warehouse & Multi-Branch Control
    • Master Management
  • Service & Warranty

    • Call Registration
    • Work Order Management
    • Parts Issuance
    • Mechanic Scheduling
    • Expenses
    • Closing
    • Warranty Claims
    • Machine History
    • Invoice Management
  • Equipment Distribution

    • Quotation Management
    • Sales Order Management
    • Specs Validity / Options Combination Check
    • Job Order Management
    • Parts Issuance
    • Machine Delivery Documentation
    • Expense Management
    • Sales Invoice Management
    • Reporting Module
    • Master Data management


  • Automation of the Distribution Activities.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and accelerated Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Easy & Instant data sharing between different departments.
  • Archiving Sales, Purchase & Service history for future Analysis / Demand forecast.
  • Rapid & up to date tracking of customer orders, thus improving customer relations.
  • Easy conversion between different Sales, Purchase & Service processes like Quotation to S/O , P/O to Receiving, Service Call to Work Order etc thus reducing Data entry.
  • Accessibility for Marketing & Sales staff from client end or any remote location in order to check the availability of items, generating Quotations etc.
  • Low Hardware & Software Cost as all Products / Package share the same framework. Packaged Products i.e. PDX, EDX & SDX can also co-exist / implemented separately as well or vice versa.
  • Dealer version & its access can be implemented as per requirement.
  • Easy to interface with company Accounting or any other legacy system.
  • Documents like Approval Requests, Order Modification Requests, Generic Documents etc can be shared & managed between different company departments through the Electronic Document Exchange facility.