KOMReporter is an impactful mobile application custom-built for Komatsu System Solutions. It empowers users in recording Technical Service Information (TSI) and Emergency Technical Service Information (ETSI) for Service Quality Information System (SQIS) – an enterprise software solution of Komatsu to enhance service quality and improve service delivery from departments to factories. Through KOMReporter’s intuitive and efficient interface, TSI & ETSI can be easily executed from the field. A streamlined process automatically interfaces and sends the submissions to SQIS, resulting in faster and more effective operations using the latest technology.


  • Technical Service Information

    With our TSI forms, you can easily create and submit information for any issues that arise, simplifying the entire process. Once submitted, the information is available in SQIS and DB Portal in real time for further review and analysis.
  • Simplify Machine Selection

    Easily view all available machines associated with a particular serial number and select the one required for creating an inspection. Our app interfaces with SQIS to verify the available machines, ensuring that users select the correct equipment for their inspections. This feature not only saves time but also reduces errors and helps prevent potential issues or delays in the inspection process.
  • Manage Machine Inspection & Repair Reports

    With KOMReporter, you can easily report periodic inspections or failures directly through the app, providing key information on the machine and specifying repair details. In addition, you can state whether the repair required multiple visits to fix the issue. This feature simplifies the repair process, making it easier for users to track repairs and ensure that all issues are resolved accurately and efficiently.
  • Image Attachments

    KOMReporter allows you to attach images with inspection reports. This feature makes it easy for providing visual evidence of any issues, improving accuracy and efficiency in the inspection process.
  • Save Inspections Locally

    With our app, you have the flexibility to save inspections locally on your mobile device and update them at a later time, making it convenient for areas with poor connectivity or when you need to complete inspections quickly and efficiently. This time-saving feature allows you to complete inspections in the field and then update them later when you have better connectivity, eliminating the need to redo work.
  • Seamlessly Upload Images to SQIS Portal for Already Submitted TSI

    With KOMReporter, simply enter the TSI number and add attachments for already uploaded TSI to the SQIS portal. This feature makes it easy to communicate any issues to the relevant parties and ensures that all necessary information is included in the TSI report.


  • Improved Efficiency

    KOMReporter allows field workers to create TSI and ETSI for SQIS from their mobile devices while in the field. This enables faster and more efficient reporting of technical or emergency issues, reducing the lead time from failure occurrence to countermeasure. This results in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. In addition, KOMReporter eliminates the need for paper-based documentation, making the process of reporting and tracking issues more streamlined and environmentally friendly.
  • Real-time Visualization

    KOMReporter provides real-time visualization of failure occurrence status globally. This allows for quick response and resolution of any issues, resulting in improved service quality. Additionally, it allows for data analysis from field service by factory, which can lead to more informed decision-making and better product development.
  • User-friendly Interface

    KOMReporter offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for field workers to create TSI and ETSI for SQIS, even in challenging environments. The app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for workers to report issues and contribute to the improvement of service quality. This can improve worker productivity and reduce time consumed by users for submitting TSI, as they can directly use their mobile devices.