Machine Inventory & Reservation Control System

The Machine Inventory & Reservation Control System (MIRCS) is to support KLTD offshore Equipment Stock Operations Facilities. The system interacts with other systems to fetch the data – Machines and attachments- of orders and provides users the facility to download the inventory in the form of an excel sheet called Stock Control List. Users at different stock points can update the reservation of machines information and upload to MIRCS, which in turn mount the attachments based on reservation numbers. Besides this, MIRCS provides manifold features. Firstly, a user can dismount an attachment from the application. Dismounted attachments at stock point are added in the Stock Control List as loose attachments. Secondly, it enables a user to search a machine and view its specification. Further, it generates various printable reports such as mounted attachments within a specific period of times.


  • Stock Control list

    • a) MIRCS application interacts with Sales OES to fetch data and provides users the functionality to download it in Excel Format
    • b) User can also input reservation information and upload the Stock Control List. Mounting/Dismounting are handled by the application based of reservations
    • c) Stock Control List contains information about Order dates- From and To PSO/DSO-, Direct shipment info, main bodies and attachments and Hensley buckets
  • Dismounting Attachments

    If an attachment is required to dismount at a stock point, the application provides this functionality and keep it in the stock as a loose attachments
  • Search

    Machines/Attachments can be searched based on various search criteria
  • Reports

    Manifold reports are provided that need to be submitted to accounts.
  • Shipping Information

    Shipping information can be uploaded and downloaded from/to the application
  • Specs Info

    Specs information can be viewed from the application.