Effectively managing service operations is crucial to controlling labor costs and improving customer satisfaction. SDX is a Service Operations Management System built for Komatsu Subsidiaries and Distributors to manage their daily and monthly service operations in a quick and swift manner. From service call registration all the way to service invoice generations, SDX assists service personnel in registering all the minor details related to jobs they perform in their daily routine. Service managers can easily manage their technicians by scheduling their task while visualizing their currently assigned jobs. Along with managing key service activities, SDX also provides interfacing with Parts Distribution eXpress (PDX) for parts ordering and Equipment Distribution eXpress (EDX) for machine details.


  • Service Call

    Users can self-register their service request over the internet within no time. Service department representatives can also register the service calls on behalf of users, in case they are unable to register by themselves, and inform the service call ID. Service department is notified about new request through system notifications. The service department can view all registered service requests from Service Call Inquiry. The module provides feature to convert a service call into quotation or work order as per requirement.
  • Quotation Management

    Quotations are created on customer's request for letting them know about the tentative price they will have to pay in order to get the fixing or repairing services of machine & equipment. SDX has a feature that allows to revise and reuse any previous quotation. A quotation once confirmed by the customer can be converted to Work Order for further processing.
  • Work Order Management

    Register work order against a machine belonging to specific customer for a specific failure. The work order details include information related to Job Codes, Miscellaneous Codes, Service Personnel and Mileage. A work order is created for a single machine at a time, but it can include multiple failure codes that can be identified during preliminary inspection. During Work Order registration, previous machine history and work details are also viewable, providing historical information to Technicians even before they reach the job site.
  • Invoice Management

    The invoice management module helps to inquire about un-invoiced work orders. Generate the invoices against an un-invoiced work order and define the payments of services mentioned in work order. The multiple work orders can be invoiced together based on terms and conditions and provided the work order belong to same customer. Generated invoices are transferred to Accounts department for payment processing. We can also view sales invoices that are already generated.
  • Machine Registration

    Register a machine and provide its information through Machine Registration module. You can map machines with clients and define machine utilization. Inquire about registered machine and view their information. It also gives you details about machine history including work order history, parts used in machine and failure code.
  • Service Personnel Management

    Register service personnel by providing their information and defining skills. Based on the skill set of a service person, service managers can decide while assigning work order through Work Order Management module. The module provides feature to inquire about registered service personnel, analyze their work history, and monitor monthly schedules.
  • User Creation & Access Management

    Create user profiles by providing information and assigning them roles. Each user can be assigned single or multiple roles as per the requirement. Admin controls system access by assigning appropriate roles to system users. For each screen, Admin can control the read and write access; permitting/restricting users to view corresponding screen information and perform operations.
  • Customers Registration

    Register and manage your customers information. For each customer, you can define billing information, currency unit, payment terms, delivery terms, transportation code, and labour billing rate.


  • Single Sign-On

    Using one common identity, users are securely authenticated with multiple applications. With single User ID and Password, login only once and use multiple apps.
  • Interface-ability

    The SDX is interfaced with Parts System (PDX) to acquire parts information for work order completion. You can create direct Parts Order with PDX and whenever there is a change in parts status, it gets reflected in SDX, making it bi-directional. The file-based integration can be utilized in case SDX needs to be integrated with any other/local parts system already available. It also provides interfacing with EDX to import machine information.
  • Bulletin Board

    Display any type of service news, promotional material, and any information intended to be shared with users. It provides the feature to attach files with messages.
  • Dealer Version

    SDX provides Dealer Version that gives access to dealers for directly registering service calls. Once service call is converted to quotation, Dealer can monitor his quote status. As soon as the service department representative converts a quotation to Work Order, Dealer can view status of the Work Order. Along with that, Dealers can register their claims and see the claim status online.
  • Cloud Based Architecture

    Aimed at providing uninterrupted access to the application, SDX is offered as SaaS model using MS Azure cloud. It can help your business to save time, money, human resource and increase your productivity.
  • Responsive Design

    The responsive design of SDX support wide range of browsers, screen sizes and orientations. Supported browsers include; Internet Explorer 11 & above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Supported platform includes Windows, Mac, iPad and Android.