Komatsu Fleet Management

The Komatsu Fleet Management (SNM) platform is designed to streamline and optimize machine management process. This robust and feature-rich application offers a centralized view of machines throughout their entire lifecycle, allowing you to effortlessly connect with customers and distributors. With SNM, you can easily collect and analyze important information about machines' operation, application, and health, empowering you to monitor their performance, proactively identify potential issues, and optimize maintenance schedules for improved uptime and cost reduction.


  • Comprehensive MyFleet View

    SNM offers a powerful and centralized view of your machine fleet, providing a comprehensive list of all machines in one place for easy access and management. Depending on your access rights, you can customize the level of information you can view. For instance, distributors can access all machines under their purview, while trunk users can view machines from any distributor.
  • Efficient Machine Fleet Visibility

    MyFleet view in SNM provides essential information about each machine, including its serial number, location, and status. With advanced filtering and sorting options, you can quickly find specific machines or sort the list based on different criteria, such as machine type. This streamlined approach enables efficient machine fleet management, allowing you to monitor, analyze, and optimize your machines' performance from a central location.
  • Machine History Insights

    View specific machine's history and maintenance information in an interactive and user-friendly format. With this feature, you can easily access detailed information about each machine, including its location on maps, specifications, warranty details, maintenance history, and much more. Whether you need to track maintenance activities, monitor warranty claims, or analyze historical data, SNM's Machine History feature empowers you with the information you need to optimize machine performance and make informed decisions.
  • KOMTRAX Error History

    Viewing a machine's error history and error code list is made easy with the KOMTRAX Error History feature. Presented in a graphical form, this powerful feature provides a comprehensive overview of any errors encountered during the machine's operation. With detailed error codes associated with each error, you can easily identify potential issues and proactively address machine errors before they escalate into more significant problems, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal machine performance. The feature also displays machine error trends and offers to grab service opportunities while performing machine inspections.
  • Real-time Machine Monitoring

    With the power of real-time data, you can now monitor the operational status and geographical location of machines with ease. The interactive map view provides up-to-date information on the performance and location of each machine, empowering you to make informed decisions about their operations. This feature also allows you to view the machine history from different aspects, such as fuel consumption and mode information, giving you a comprehensive overview of machine performance.
  • Warranty Claims

    Gain valuable insights into your machine's warranty status with our user-friendly warranty management feature. With detailed information on each claim, including claim number, warranty type, and failure SMR, you can easily stay informed about complaints, causes, corrections made, and additional comments. This feature also allows you to view machine state and the steps taken, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the warranty claims process.
  • Service History Information

    The application provides you with the ability to view all the service history information of a machine, including the work order number, job title, brief description of the job, machine SMR at which the service was performed, invoiced amount, and the number of replaced parts, tasks, and jobs performed. With this information, you can easily keep track of machine maintenance and ensure that everything is up-to-date. It also provides access to the machine's maintenance history, enabling you to make informed decisions about future maintenance and repairs.
  • Oil & Wear Analysis Information

    SNM's Oil & Wear Analysis Information feature provides valuable insights into the condition of machine's engines and critical components. By displaying oil and wear analysis information based on KOWA samples, you can easily monitor the health of machines and identify any potential issues before they become serious problems. This feature also includes machine oil tests, which can help you determine if the machine need oil changes or other maintenance.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection

    The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) feature in SNM allows you to thoroughly inspect the machine before it is delivered. The inspection categories include modification, attachment, tire & rim, and others, ensuring that all aspects of the machine are checked and verified. The application provides PDI information along with machine photos from different angles, enabling you to have a clear picture of the machine's condition before delivery.
  • Components

    The Components feature in SNM provides detailed information about the first-fit components that were installed during the manufacturing of the machine. It also includes information about any add-on components that have been installed. With this feature, you can view the complete list of components, along with their model, serial numbers, installation dates, and SMP information. It helps in tracking the machine's components throughout its lifecycle, facilitating effective maintenance and replacement planning. The application provides PDI information along with machine photos from different angles, enabling you to have a clear picture of the machine's condition before delivery.
  • Field Campaign

    The Field Campaign feature allows businesses to target competitors or specific geographic locations and make informed decisions regarding promotions, benefits, or offers. It helps to identify potential customers and create targeted marketing campaigns based on factors such as model or time-based criteria. With the ability to track the effectiveness of campaigns, businesses can adjust their strategies to maximize their return on investment.
  • Machine Performance Data

    Track and monitor the performance of machines based on multiple criteria. By analyzing this data, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of fleet and make informed decisions about how to optimize their operations. It helps you to identify areas for improvement and take proactive measures to enhance overall efficiency and profitability.
  • TSI Records

    The TSI Records feature in SNM maintains a record of Technical Service Inspection for machines. It includes information about the failure reason and provides details about the inspection. With this feature, you can keep track of the maintenance and inspection history of machines, making it easier to identify potential issues and take proactive measures.


  • Customize MyFleet View

    The SNM application allows you to customize MyFleet view by selecting the columns you wish to view. This feature gives the flexibility to prioritize the information that is most important and customize MyFleet view accordingly.
  • Streamline Machine Management

    By providing a comprehensive view of machine data, SNM enables businesses to optimize their maintenance schedules, minimize downtime, and enhance overall efficiency. With its powerful features and centralized approach, SNM is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to streamline their machine management processes and maximize the performance of their fleet.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

    SNM ensures data security and privacy, with robust security measures in place to protect machine data from unauthorized access, breaches, or data leaks. This helps businesses in complying with data protection regulations and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of machine data.