Undercarriage Management System (UMS) is a solution to inspect undercarriage components of a machine and track the percent worn and potential life remaining of these components. With this system the field inspection personnel can download the undercarriage wear criteria and enter the current measurements of each component to generate reports/graphs to predict remaining life of these individual components in current working conditions. It also provides the feature to download measurement details from Ultrasonic device to UMS application directly by connecting the device with PC.

Global Presence

Features & Functionalities

  • Dashboard Portal

    Providing ease to business person in-charge for monitoring machine inspections, wear trends, life expectancy, and undercarriage replacements. The application features Power BI dashboard for data visualization combined with an interface to manage undercarriage training and promotion materials.
  • Calculates wear percentage of undercarriage components

    UMS application enables users to calculate wear percentage of undercarriage components by providing measurement values as input via ultrasonic device interface or manually. The worn percentage is calculated automatically based on Komatsu Criteria data.
  • Determines the remaining life of each undercarriage component

    Based on the worn percentage calculated automatically by UMS application, it is also capable of predicting the remaining life of the component and suggest its remaining hours and an expected replacement date.
  • Report History

    Calculations and report history is maintained for every machine. UMS enables users to generate wear percentage history graphs for individual machines to observe its condition through time spanning over years and when its parts were replaced.
  • Option to display reports in text and graphical form

    UMS application on all platforms enables users to view reports in graphic as well textual forms.

  • Supports PC, iPad, and Android devices

    UMS application is supported on Windows, Android and iPad tablet devices.

  • Online and Offline Modes

    UMS application provides its users with robust architecture to work in offline mode when in field and go back online to synchronize data on servers when in office environment or in any location where internet connection is available.
  • Multi-lingual support

    UMS application provides support for following languages on platorms.

    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
  • Support for old and new ultrasonic devices

    Ultrasonic devices are used to efficiently and accurately measure commodities of an undercarriage. UMS application provides connectivity support for both old and new models of ultrasonic devices.
  • Data Analysis for commodities replacement plan

    Data Analysis module in UMS application provides the following features

    • Summary Replacement Plan - It generates reports displaying predicted numner of commodities of model(s) to be replaced each month in a span of a year.
    • Number of UC Report - It generates reports displaying number of inspections performed by each inspector each month witin a span of a year.
    • Download Inspection History - It generates reports displaying details of latest inspection of each machine currently available in UMS application database.
    • Parts Worn Summary - It generates reports displaying number of commodities of model(s) having wear percentage above a particular threshold value.
    • Portuguese
  • Export and email reports in PDF format

    UMS application enables users to export reports in pdf format as well as email it to customers.