KOMAssist is an effective way of communication that enables remote workers to collaborate with experts using AR on mobile devices. It provides required information to technicians and remote workers through the power of "Augmented Reality".It solves your problem in 3 simple Steps: Connect (via video & audio call), Collaborate (via AR & screen share) & Conclude (get the job done)


  • Audio & Video Call

    KOMAssist provides fast and high-quality audio & video call services. It uses a P2P-based WebRTC video call API to utilize communication networks like Wi-Fi and LTE without server communication.
  • Real Time Collaboration

  • AR Powered Annotations

    Place annotations and 3D content through AR, that stay locked onto the real-world feature points. The drawings and annotations will persist irrespective of user's movement.
  • Screen Sharing

    Enable users to share their installed application on a device e.g. KOManual by highlighting circuits, showing manuals etc.
  • Support All Platforms

    • min 7 - Nougat
    • AR-Core's Supported devices
    • Both share and view screen
    • iPhone & iPad
    • AR-Kit enabled
    • Both share and view screen
    • iPhone & iPad
    • AR-Kit enabled
    • Win-10, view screen only

Benefits in Operations

  • Guidance & Collaboration

    Easily provide live guidance or collaboration from almost any mobile device, enabling field service organizations to:

    • Centralize expertise
    • Leverage expert staff knowledge base
    • Digitally track completed work
  • Connecting with Experts

    Instantly connect with experts from virtually any mobile device anywhere:

    • Get the job done quickly with less errors
    • Rapidly improve skills
    • Do more with less training

Benefits to Business

  • Minimize the downtime and decrease time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Increase service revenues, maximize the customer satisfaction, and cuts the travel costs.
  • Scale remote workers & experts knowledge base.