XLEZ is a reliable and easy-to-use application that transforms Excel based forms for data collection to end-users through PC or portable (Android/iOS) devices (Online/Offline), and generate reports. It provides platform independent solution for your legacy data. A digital solution that allows to effectively manage daily activities and improve process efficiencies, while upgrading the way of communication and information sharing. In short, XLEZ is a single source of information for all your needs.

Concept of XLEZ

  • Use existing Excel based forms (with minimum input).
  • Publish Excel forms without the dependency of IT or coding.
  • Automatically adjust the form as per device and screen.
  • Easy data entry for end users as opposed to using Excel.
  • A system that can be used anywhere and on any device.
  • Provide ability to work offline or without the internet as well
  • Generating reports on the run that can be shared
  • Everything gets compiled in the database spontaneously
  • Historical data analysis for comparisons and reporting

XLEZ System Flow

Features and Benefits of XLEZ

  • General Features

    • Create template / master files in Excel
    • Create users and groups
    • View data / workflow history
    • Export reports in Excel / PDF
    • Lock / unlock files and users
    • Manage master file versioning
    • Assign task to other members
    • Send notification to selected people
    • Bulk data export in CSV
    • Share / email reports
  • Reduce Effort and Save Time

  • Machine Touch Reporting

    Introduce XLEZ to distributors for easy and practical Machine Touce Reporting experience.


    Distributors do not promote Machine Touch by PSSR due to high visiting expenses and technical knowledge limitation.


    Utilize field mechanics, that are frequently in contact with machines and customers to bring opportunities by using XLEZ.

  • Adding Measurable value to inspections

    • Fast and easy to complete inspections
    • Data logged for feedback and analysis
    • Photos attachments on the run
    • Weighted score against machine condition
    • Customized and user based reports generation
    • Valuable feedback for customers
    • Ability to generate additional business
    • Proactive response to preventive maintenance
  • Easy Data Collection

    • Ready-to-use forms to collect data on portable devices.
    • Easy to use in field / Gemba
    • Collected data can be retrieve in original Excel Files on server and don’t need to be re-enter
    • Data Access & Sharing control is also available
  • Task and Progress History

    • Assign jobs to users and send status notifications
    • Maintain task history
  • Workflow with automatic notifications

  • Other Salient Features

    • Scan to input using device camera
    • Touch-based easy to use in field and office
    • Team Collaboration - Communicate latest information with your team and get notifications of your assigned tasks
    • Data extraction and reporting - Extract data from database for customized reporting
    • User Management, Data Organizationa and Sercuity
    • Device and Platform independent
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Workflow Management and Data History
  • Benefits of XLEZ over other similar systems

    • Designed by KOMATSU, based on feedback from KOMATSU globally
    • Very cost effective
    • Constant upgrades for latest devices and OS
    • Has a support team to guide and fix any issues
    • A customizable solution as opposed to out-of-box product