Parts Gold Book

Is finding the right Komatsu parts and accessories for heavy equipment becoming a challenge for you? Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to upkeep your Komatsu heavy equipment? Are you losing contracts because of frequently malfunctioning parts and accessories of your heavy equipment resulting in machine downtime? If you are fighting your way against any or all the odds listed above, it is highly likely you are still entangled in conventional practices of maintaining your Komatsu heavy machinery fleet. The truth is that conventional ways and methods of taking care of your heavy equipment have gone almost obsolete, which makes a contemporary solution like KOMParts totally imperative.

About KOMParts

KOMParts is a solution tailored by Komatsu Pakistan Soft, offering comprehensive collection of Komatsu genuine parts and accessories. KOMParts automates and squeezes the whole process of running through pdf and excel files manually to look up for the desired parts and accessories into one single application capable of serving you with your required information in the most efficient, effortless and timesaving manner.

It not only introduces you to Komatsu aftermarket parts, but its convenient user interface enables you to get your desired information much quickly, efficiently and optimally, contributing in: Minimized Downtime, Minimized Cost and Maximised Profit.

Features & Functionalities

  • Comprehensive, Intuitive and Efficient

    There are literally hundreds and thousands of parts in an average bulldozer, crane, excavator or any other member of heavy machinery family. So, it is next to impossible to be fully aware of all the parts and accessories involved in any given model and that is why so many manuals and guides accompany a typical item falling under the category of heavy equipment. However, pinpointing and extracting information about any particular part or accessory, even when using assisting manuals and guides, is no less than a herculean task because most of them are way too lengthy and bulky. This is what makes a resource like KOMParts so imperative. With its intuitive and efficient design, finding information about any part of your desired Komatsu machine is unbelievably convenient, efficient and timesaving.
  • User Friendly Interface

    A simple and proficient user interface makes sure that everyone can access their desired information with ease and convenience while using KOMParts. Easy navigation controls coupled with convenient access to desired information make KOMParts invariably resourceful.
  • Compatibility

    Compatibility is also one of the major prerequisites of a successful application and KOMParts is designed to be compatible with Windows/Android tablets, offering users the freedom to choose their preferred medium.
  • Enhanced Mobility

    KOMParts takes the concept of mobility to a whole new level. Once the desired information is accessed and downloaded in a mobile device, its working offline feature enables users to work with improved efficiency even in remotely located sites with no internet connectivity.
  • Simplified Application Layout

    KOMParts is segregated primarily into two parts:
    • Product Benefits
    • Search Parts
  • Product Benefits

    This section hosts documents available in both PDF and HTML formats, which contain essential information about a product and its usage. To view the information in these documents, you must first download the required file from the server when KOMParts is in online mode. Once it is on your mobile device, it can be viewed offline even in remote locations. “The Gold Book” is the lifeline of ‘Product Benefits’ section, populated with documents having detailed descriptions, features and benefits of Komatsu products. Individual components are described richly with the help of relevant images, charts and graphs to give you a better understanding of the product itself and how beneficial it can be. With such thorough knowledge and information about individual parts, your chances of ordering inappropriate part or accessory for a particular machine are reduced exponentially, saving you time, labor, money and hassle.
  • Search Parts

    This section catalogues genuine parts and accessories found in all different types of Komatsu heavy equipment. Its simple and convenient design assists you in searching for your desired parts and accessories within no time, requiring minimal effort. It narrows down your search in three simple steps. First, you need to select your desired equipment, followed by selecting a specific model and serial range, which directs you to a particular part coupled with all the essential information you need about it. The information contains name of the part, part number, the quantity in which that particular part is being used in any machine and above all, when it needs to be replaced. Or, you can type in the name of the equipment in search box, which will list all relevant items for you to choose accordingly. A further segregation of parts into three subcategories, i.e. Filters, GET (Ground Engaging Tools) and Undercarriage facilitates in determining the type of part you need along with the information on when to replace any wherever essential.
  • Auto Update

    Previously, Komatsu Japan shared updated product portfolio with their subsidiaries once a year. However, KOMParts comes with auto-update feature, ensuring the availability and accessibility of latest information to all users every single time it goes online, getting rid of any unnecessary delays and hindrances in information dissemination. Moreover, you can also search for updates manually using the ‘Sync’ option available in the app.
  • Document Sorting and Searching

    Documents can be sorted and searched through the available list. Either you can enter your desired keyword to view and access the files containing information about your entered keyword or you can sort out the list alphabetically or date-wise.
  • Admin and Client Modules

    Adding to the diversity of KOMParts is the availability of Admin as well as Client module. Client module enables users to search for desired parts’ data and view detailed product benefits in online as well as offline mode. Admin module comes handy in registering, modifying and updating parts data. The Admin user is empowered to import parts data from excel files, which is then published on server to make it accessible for Client users.
  • Get Over Your Concerns about Komatsu Parts and Accessories with KOMParts

    Heavy machinery is prone to extensive usage and therefore, substantial wear and tear. This means likelihood of high maintenance costs, increased manpower and above all, extra working hours consumed to do the job. All this not only affects your operations, but profits, growth and progress as well. That is why you need a robust solution like KOMParts, which makes sure your heavy equipment is always up and running with detailed information on best after-market products, backed by Komatsu’s world-wide parts distribution system. So, if you really want to augment the way you upkeep your heavy equipment, look no further than KOMParts, easing your concerns about Komatsu heavy equipment’s parts and accessories.