Komatsu App Store

The Komatsu App Store (KAppStore), designed and developed by KPS is an Enterprise Apps Distribution platform for native & mobile apps (Windows, iOS, Android). It provides centralized apps distribution / installation based on region, country, company, department & group categorization. It facilitates Komatsu subsidiaries globally to bring and distribute only allowed and required applications that are designed considering their specific requirements. App version upgrade notifications and facilitating update of already installed applications keeps ensure that all registered users of Komatsu App Store are getting the newest application version right away after release that help the business to achieve maximum productivity hassle free. KAppStore is continually being improved to help users download & install Komatsu apps they need on latest OS versions of Android, iOS and Windows.


  • Authentication Mechanisms

    Enabling users to sign-in KAppStore account and access authorized apps, our authentication mechanism supports multiple environments including local authentication, Azure AD, LDAP, and Komatsu Global Portal.
  • Application Management

    Publish the Windows, Android, and iOS apps. An application can have multiple versions, each of which can be assigned to users based on their requirement. The module also provides feature to assign and manage application rights, generate usage report, and view licensing information.
  • Group Management

    The module provides feature to register and manage application groups. Simply create a group and add group members. Assigning an application to the group will be assigned for all group members. An application can be assigned to multiple groups.
  • User Registration & Management

    Create KAppStore user accounts and grant/modify their roles and application groups. Available roles are client, admin, super admin, and interface admin. When you assign group to a user, the apps available in group are made available on user account.
  • Application Distribution

    Komatsu App Store provides an easy-to-use system for distribution of apps. The published app version can be assigned to a group or individual.
  • View & Access Applications

    The dashboard lists assigned apps for users. Tap on an app and get the details. It provides the feature to search for specific apps by name. The dashboard will show which app is ready to install, which app is installed and for which app, a recent update is available.
  • Download, Install, & Update Apps

    The native applications for Windows, Android, and iOS provides download & install functionality to users through Over the Air (OTA). You can update the application through KAppStore’s dashboard.
  • Automatic Notification

    You can receive the application notification whenever a new app is assigned, or an update is available for already assigned & installed app. Opening the notification will take you to KAppStore dashboard from where you can install / update the application.
  • Komatsu App Store Updates

    The native applications for Windows, Android, and iOS can update itself as well. Admin uploads a new application version from web admin panel and a notification will be received on all connected devices. By clicking that notification, Komatsu App Store application will update itself.
  • App Interfacing

    Through the application interfacing feature, any other application can sync its users with KAppStore so that their required app is assigned and ready to download when they login to KAppStore using native app credentials. Along with that, the admin can assign other Windows, Android, and iOS applications to individual users or groups when needed.
  • Integration with Komatsu Global Portal

    Getting integrated with Komatsu Global Portal brings in the feature to authenticate users from Azure Active Directory. Any Komatsu user available on global portal can simple access KAppStore account using his global credentials. KAppStore will verify user, get his region information, and check associated group to load assigned apps on dashboard.