Komatsu App Store is a centralized mobile app solution for OTA (Over the Air) distribution and installation of apps among Komatsu users. Registered users download and access assigned apps, receive notifications & version updates. Group base management supports different application versions according to User Group / Department.


  • Manage applications

    Using this functionality, Admin can upload (Add / Update) different versions of android or iOS applications.
  • Manage Users & Groups

    Using this functionality, Admin can Add / Update groups with name and description. Also, the user can assign android or iOS applications to Groups.
  • Application distribution

    Using this functionality, the android or iOS applications can be assigned to a group or individual users for distribution as per their required application version.
  • View and access applications

    This functionality allows access to users to view & access applications assigned to them by admin users. Also, the user can login to native application of Komatsu App Store to view & access applications.
  • Download, install, and update applications

    The native applications for iOS and Android provides download & install application functionality to users through Over the Air (OTA). The user can update the application through Komatsu App Store application’s dashboard.
  • Automatic Notifications

    User receives the application notifications whenever a new application is assigned to them or there is an update for already assigned and installed application. By clicking that notification, the user navigated to dashboard and can install / update the application from Komatsu App Store.
  • Komatsu app store updates

    The native applications for iOS and Android can update itself as well. Admin can upload the new application version from web Admin Panel and a notification will be received on all connected devices. By clicking that notification, Komatsu App Store application will update itself.
  • Apps Interfacing

    Using this functionality, any other application can sync its users with Komatsu App Store. Also, Admin user can assign corresponding Android or iOS applications to their users.