Is it becoming tougher by the day to keep track of machine health in your growing fleet of heavy machines? Do you find your current method(s) of wear analysis lacking and inefficient in various ways? Not happy with inconsistency and unreliability of wear analysis, which is costing you additional labor, time and revenue? Fluids play a pivotal role in operations and maintenance of heavy machinery, so fluid analysis can give you a reliable method of assessing machine health. And if you are not equipped with an efficient and optimal mechanism of fluid analysis, operational aspects of your heavy equipment and financial aspects of your business are much likely to suffer. So, is there a way out? Luckily, there is, referred commonly as KOWA.

About KOWA

Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis or KOWA is a solution designed and developed by Komatsu Pakistan Soft (KPS) to expedite wear analysis for Komatsu heavy equipment users. KOWA assists you in identifying and solving equipment problems by offering a comprehensive range of information on both, the fluids and the machine hosting them, supplementing machine operations and maintenance decisions.

It is a platform independent web-based solution capable of registering oil, coolant and fuel samples of heavy machines in a testing lab following Komatsu standards and parameters, offering analysis results, input judgements, recommendations and wear analysis reports based on fluid sample inputs. It can also be deployed easily on PCs, tablets and smart phone devices supporting Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

KOWA Process Flow

Benefits of KOWA

  • Form and Sticker Printing

    Though fluid samples need to be drawn manually, KOWA assists PSSRs by offering form and sticker printing facility. Sticker labelling is an essential part of sampling process, as stickers are used for cross-reference purposes when registering them. On the other hand, form printing is optional, which is meant to support PSSRs in job sites without internet connectivity options, where they are unable to access KOWA to register samples. In such a scenario, PSSRs collect all necessary information on these forms and later use them to register samples on KOWA when they have access to internet.
  • Sample Registration

    KOWA also eases the process of sample registration, which is carried out when samples are brought back to distributor vicinity. Sample registration is further supplemented by a user friendly interface that is used to record customer information and fluid stats, courtesy to precise information fields offered on labelling stickers.
  • Sample Status Tracking

    Sample status tracking is yet another beneficial aspect of KOWA, which helps track the status of a sample, whether it is in progress, sent to lab, received by lab or being analyzed at any given time.
  • Analysis and Judgement Input

    After lab technicians are finished processing the samples, analysts can register their analysis and judgements against each sample conveniently using KOWA. To enhance the accuracy of analysis, KOWA also displays previous sample results to analysts, minimizing any room for error.
  • Recommended Action

    KOWA goes a step further in facilitating its users. It does not confine merely to producing analysis and judgement over fluid samples processed and examined by techs, it also facilitates analysts suggest a recommended action against every report. This helps end users clearly understand what they need to do rather than figuring out numbers and charts by themselves.
  • Automatic Email Notifications

    When sample status is completely processed by the lab after judgements and recommendations input, an automated email notification is sent by KOWA to machine owner as well as distributor along with wear analysis report.
  • Reporting

    Reporting is also one of the major perks of resorting to KOWA, which generates two different types of reports for user assistance, i.e. Wear Analysis & Wear Trend Report and Historical Data (per distributor, per machine model).
  • Wear Analysis & Wear Trend Report

    Based on the fluid sample results, wear analysis & wear trend report is generated, which helps machine owners become aware of machine health. Moreover, based on wear analysis report, KOWA also offers a detailed report highlighting the wear trend of each element, which also helps analysts conclude if any action is needed or not.
  • Historical Data (per distributor, per machine model)

    KOWA is well capable of maintaining and generating historical data reports per distributor and per machine model, which is really helpful in determining the overall health and performance of a machine.
  • Automated Data Import and Export

    KOWA also supports automated data import and export. Scheduler-based batch processes are used to import sample results from lab to KOWA Database, whereas the same data can be exported to user systems in .csv an .xlsx formats.
  • User Roles and Rights Management

    Of course, when multiple stakeholders and multiple levels of administration and interaction are supported by a system, it needs to have an apt mechanism for user roles and rights management, an area of concern addressed significantly in KOWA. It offers different user interfaces and maintains different roles and rights for four different types of users: Komatsu Subsidiary, Komatsu Distributor, Lab, Customer/Machine Owner.
  • Komatsu Subsidiary

    This role supports visibility and access to samples of all distributors, their wear analysis and wear trends reports along with historical data report.
  • Komatsu Distributor

    This role allows visibility and access to samples, wear analysis, and wear trend reports of only those machines which belong to a particular distributor.
  • Lab

    This role offers visibility and access to all samples without customer’s name, site, and other confidential information. The purpose of this role is to input judgement result, analysis comments, and recommended action input by lab technicians and analysts.
  • Customer

    This role is designed for end-customer or machine owner, allowing them to see samples and wear results of machines which belong to them.
  • Master Data Management

    Master Data Management is a specialized feature for subsidiary level users of KOWA, which gives them the privilege to manage various elements of the system, such as:
    • 1: Wear Elements (Chemical Name, Symbol, Show [Yes/No])
    • 2: Contaminants (Chemical Name, Symbol, Show [Yes/No])
    • 3: Additives (Chemical Name, Symbol, Show [Yes/No])
    • 4: Machine Components
    • 5: Sample ID Naming Convention (Prefix, No. of Digits)
    • 6: Lab Information (Lab Name, Telephone No., E-mail, Address)
    • 7: Judgement Result Color Codes (Normal, Query, Caution, Action, Critical)
    • 8: Customer Registration
  • Get the Best of Machine Health Assessment for Your Heavy Equipment with KOWA

    One of the best ways to assess machine health is to analyze engine oil and other fluids used in it. It results in enhanced identification of machine wear trends, helping you make informed repair and maintenance decisions. That is why significance of an advanced and intelligent system like KOWA to overcome hurdles in machine health assessment can never be overstated. From early detection of abnormalities through a standardized, well recorded and well managed system to preventing unscheduled prolonged and expensive downtime of a machine, KOWA has it all to help you get the best of your investment.