Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis or KOWA is a solution designed and developed by Komatsu Pakistan Soft (KPS) that gives you a reliable method of assessing machine health through fluid analysis. It is a platform independent web-based solution capable of registering oil, coolant, and fuel samples of heavy machines by following Komatsu standards and parameters, offering analysis results, input judgements, recommendations and wear analysis reports.

Benefits of KOWA

  • Sample Registration

    With KOWA, the sample registration process is becoming very easy. The application provides a user-friendly interface that assists user to register lubricant sample for any machine and print its bottle sticker containing QR code.
  • Sticker Printing

    Though fluid samples need to be drawn manually, KOWA assists PSSRs by offering form and sticker printing facility. Sticker labelling is an essential part of sampling process, as stickers are used for cross-reference purposes when registering them. Keeping in view the ease for PSSRs, our specially designed stickers include QR code and precise fields for hand-written information.
  • QR Code

    For each machine, there are multiple lubricant samples that you can register in KOWA application. Once these samples are saved, the system automatically generates stickers including QR code for each sample.
  • Handwritten Info

    Providing ease to PSSR users, the bottle labelling stickers contains text area to write related information. Now, instead of noting down the machine & sample information separately (like SMR, Oil Hours etc.), they can simply put it down on the bottle sticker.
  • Scan Bottle Sticker

    Facilitating lab users in saving their time to manually enter sample data, KOWA provides the feature to scan the QR Code & hand-written information available on sticker for further examination. The application scans sample information and get these values loaded on the corresponding screen.
  • Sample Status Tracking

    Sample status tracking is yet another beneficial aspect of KOWA, which helps track the status of a sample, whether it is in progress, sent to lab, received by lab or being analyzed at any given time.
  • Auto Sample Analysis

    KOWA goes a step further in facilitating lab analysts. The application automatically perform analysis on sample data received from lab and gives prediction by using machine learning algorithms. These predictions are becoming very helpful for the analysts as they are saving a lot of their time and effort.
  • Judgement & Recommend Action

    KOWA does not confine merely to producing analysis and judgement over fluid samples processed and examined by techs, it also facilitates analysts suggest a recommended action against every report. This helps customers in clearly understanding what they need to do rather than figuring out numbers and charts by themselves.
  • Automatic Email Notifications

    When sample is completely processed by the analyst after judgements and recommendations, an automated email notification is sent by KOWA to machine owner as well as distributor along with wear analysis report.
  • Reporting

    Reporting is also one of the major perks of resorting to KOWA, which generates two different types of reports for user assistance, i.e., Wear Analysis & Wear Trend Report, and Historical Data (per distributor, per machine model).
  • Wear Analysis & Wear Trend Report

    Based on the fluid sample results, wear analysis & wear trend report is generated, which helps machine owners become aware of machine health. Moreover, based on wear analysis report, KOWA also offers a detailed report highlighting the wear trend of each element, which also helps analysts conclude if any action is needed or not.
  • Machine Health Assessment

    Get the best of machine health assessment for your heavy equipment with KOWA. One of the best ways to assess machine health is to analyze engine oil and other components used in it. It results in enhanced identification of machine wear trends, helping you make informed repair and maintenance decisions. That is why significance of an advanced and intelligent system like KOWA to overcome hurdles in machine health assessment can never be overstated. From early detection of abnormalities through a standardized, well recorded and well managed system to preventing unscheduled prolonged and expensive downtime of a machine, KOWA has it all to help you get the best of your investment.
  • Automated Data Import & Export

    KOWA also supports automated data import and export. Scheduler-based batch processes are used to import sample results from lab to KOWA Database, whereas the same data can be exported to user systems in .csv an .xlsx formats.
  • User Roles & Rights Management

    Of course, when multiple stakeholders and multiple levels of administration and interaction are supported by a system, it needs to have an apt mechanism for user roles and rights management, an area of concern addressed significantly in KOWA. It offers different user interfaces and maintains different roles & rights.
  • Master Data Management

    Master Data Management is a specialized feature for distributor users of KOWA, which gives them the privilege to manage and setup reference data of the system including elements, lubricants, machine components & locations. It provides a single platform to register & manage your customers and their fleet details. You can also map models & components that better fits the need.