Assembly Defect Feedback System (ADF) is a smartphone and tablet based solution to register and report Factory Assembly Line Inspection information. ADF provides ease to Quality Control Inspectors for registering machine defects. Corresponding personnel are then automatically notified to take counter measures.

System Overview

Multi-Device Support

  • Multi-Device
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Database

Main Features

  • Machine identification (Serial No selection, Barcode scan)
  • Machine inspection by QC inspectors
  • Select failure codes
  • Add comments & take evidence Pictures
  • Send inspection results to central system
  • Search/view defects


  • Easy & quick solution to report QA results
  • Go paperless by avoiding paper base quality checklists
  • Lower production costs
  • Improve quality/safety and increase throughput
  • Configurable on hand-held devices and tablets
  • Electronic notifications to corresponding personnel’s
  • Preserve history of defects reported data
  • Fast communication over network using WiFi or Intranet
  • Customizable to be interfaced with other systems(legacy Assembly/Production line systems)