Expediting Portal is a global system of Komatsu that offers high-end solution for Expeditors to improve lead time of Service Parts back orders and expedite Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Providing integrity and quality at every point of supply chain, it ensures service excellence to meet unique needs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to initiate requests and provides easy steps to process and finalize these requests. Current deployment of Expediting Portal is for Komatsu America (KAC) Expeditors.


  • Back Order Aging Work Queue

    The work queue consists of following data:

    • Back ordered lines
    • Suspended lines
    • Non-stocking part lines
    • Sales order lines where distributors requested to improve ETA
    • KAC expediters can view service parts details of each request with supporting information available in the data drawers. This work queue provides actual vs projected aging days.

  • Distributor Requests Work Queues

    Expeditor can inquire all requests of improved ETAs placed by distributors. They can view details of each request. It also provides the feature to lock ETA for any back ordered part. Once locked, an email notification is sent to distributor notifying about committed ETA. Based on locking information the Sales order and Purchase Orders are hard tied.
  • Suspended Orders Work Queue

    The work queue shows all parts that are truly suspended (no stock, no Purchase Order) because of any reason except non-stocking parts. Expediters can see the details of each line item.
  • Non-Stocking Work Queue

    This work queue displays parts that are suspended due to non-stocking indicator. Expediters needs to confirm Lead time from the distributor before placing the Purchase Order of the suspended line.
  • Communicated ETA Change Work Queue

    There are situations where ETA for a back order is communicated to distributor and then it gets changed. This work queue lists all such back-order requests and whenever such change occurs a notification is also sent to KAC Users.
  • Committed ETA Change Work Queue

    The screen lists all the parts for which committed ETA is changed. Expediter can see the details of each part.
  • Original Committed ETA Changed

    The screen displays all requests for which original committed ETA is changed.
  • ETA Changed X Times

    This work queue display requests in which ETA of part is change X number of times.
  • Suggested Substitution Request

    If a requested part is not available due to any reason, the application provides feature which suggests its substitution part. KAC user can suggest the substitution part to DB’s and after their confirmation can change their original Sales Order.
  • Substitution Request Inquiry

    Through this screen, user can inquire suggested substitution requests and view substitution parts. The module will also provide the option to download searched substitution requests in CSV and XLSX formats.
  • Expediting Comments

    The Expediting Comments screen provides feature to view comments of expeditors against any sales order part that has already been expedited.


  • Transfer Request

    From any work queue, user can assign request to another expeditor. A general expediter can assign to general expediter whereas a unit down expediter can assign to a unit down expediter.

  • To Do List

    Users can prioritize their work by adding items in their to-do lists. It will always be available as a drawer on the right side of the screen, reminding the user to do the task during the day.

  • Download Request

    Requests that are available on work queues can be downloaded in CSV and XLSX formats.

  • Set Reminder

    User can put reminders on certain requests so that the system will prompt the user on given date and time to do the job for which reminder was set.

  • Drawers

    The request details screen provides drawer to view additional information of a request including:

    • Distributor Info
    • Sales Order Line Info
    • Stock Info
    • Supplier Info
    • Open Purchase Order Info
    • Back Order Info
    • Part Info
  • Aging Rules

    The application highlights back order requests based on order type and aging days. Admin users can manage color codes and aging days for each order type.

  • KAC Settings for ETA Variance

    Expeditors can manage rules to send auto email notification to KAC users in case the ETA of an order varies from a certain number of days. Add and manage email addresses for respective order type.

  • ETA Changed by X Days Settings

    Through this module, set number of days for original committed ETA change against each order type. If a request exceeds defined number of days, then it will appear in ETA Changed by X Days work queue.

  • ETA Changed by X Times Settings

    Through this screen, user can set frequency of ETA change for each order type. Request appears in ETA Changed X Times work queue if its ETA change frequency exceeds defined limit.

  • Communicated ETA Change Settings

    Through this screen, user can set number of days for communicated ETA change against each order type. Requests are shown in Communicated ETA Change Work Queue if communicated ETA change exceeding defined number of days.