Aftermarket Communication Enhancement Tool (ACE) is an easy, flexible, & reliable solution for bucket sales. It brings you an effortless and simple way to search and view available buckets along with complete specifications. You can request a machine bucket and get to know its price & lead time information. Supporting bucket business of Komatsu globally, ACE gives you quick & most effective way to timely receive technical & production information, generate reports, visualize inquiry analytics, & get more insights.

Features & Functionalities

  • Dashboard

    Through interactive dashboard, get overview of all the registered inquiries and access the latest inquiries. Use data visualizations to monitor inquiries summary and status updates. It provides details about various suppliers along with their contact information. View knowledge base documents and find answers of your questions. It features quick links to access application modules.
  • Bucket Specifications

    With ACE, get the data you need to meet bucket requirements. It provides a wide range of search criteria to select bucket configurations that are manufactured by Komatsu Ltd. and other brands. Complete bucket information is available that includes Machine Class, Manufacturer, Model, Bucket style, Capacity, Width and many more.
  • 3D Models

    Get better insight of selected bucket with 3D models. Zoom, rotate, and tilt the 3D model in any direction and have clear view of the component from any angle.
  • Inquiry Requests

    Choose bucket that best fits the requirements and create inquiry request along with bucket order details. User may provide customized specs along with working conditions, estimated order date, expected delivery date, and delivery terms.
  • Technical Information

    For customized requests, the design section checks technical possibilities of requested bucket. Providing the technical information, request is submitted to corresponding supplier.
  • Production Information

    The supplier checks production possibilities of requested bucket. The production details are submitted to inquiry initiator.
  • Get Quotation

    Instead of considering quote from single supplier, ACE provides the option to choose multiple suppliers while creating an inquiry request. Upon submission, same inquiry request gets submitted to all selected suppliers. Giving users ease to quickly get quote from multiple suppliers at one place and compare the price quotes.
  • Deal Status

    The user who has initiated the inquiry requests can input the deal status. Based on multiple quotations received from different suppliers, user can pick the best one and proceed accordingly.
  • Workflow History

    The workflow history of inquiry requests at each step is being managed in ACE. Using this functionality, the user can see overall history from inquiry requests creation till the completion of the inquiry requests.
  • Visualize Inquiry Analytics

    Our special designed performance reports give a quick view of inquiry, performance, & lead time analysis of bucket requests. This is beneficial to improve the lead time. Moreover, user can have a deeper look on Registered Buckets, Inquiries by Region & Machine Class, and Win & Lost Status Inquiries.
  • View Access Log

    ACE provides the feature to generate real-time Access Log reports with respect to Region, Daily & Monthly Access, and Frequent Users. These reports give user a clear picture about application usage in different regions.
  • Roles & Rights

    With a simple & easy to use interface, admins can control which user roles can access application modules and what actions they can perform in assigned modules. User can work with the application according to assigned role and rights.
  • Master Data Management

    ACE provides a single platform to manage, govern, & analyze the Bucket Specs. The module provides feature to make the required configuration settings by providing specifications or uploading data from Excel file. User can set bucket pictures & 3D models for machine classes that fits the need.


  • Offline Support for iPad

    RSM users may have to work offline at the job sites. The application provides offline mode and help users to continue work without internet connectivity. With ACE iPad application, RSM can work on bucket selection and create inquiry requests from anywhere.
  • Email Notifications

    From inquiry request till deal status input, each department performs its tasks and forward it to the next department along with auto generated email notifications, keeping all the stakeholders informed about progress.
  • Reminders

    The application provides the auto and manual email reminder to the users. These email reminders are sent to user who has to take some action against the request. This functionality helps to improve the lead time.
  • Better Communication

    With ACE, user can communicate with other stakeholders that are involved in an inquiry request. Each user receiving email can reply and forward email to any other user.
  • FAQs, Knowledge Base, & Flash News

    ACE provides organized collection of valuable information in the form of FAQs and Knowledge Base. On releasing new model, a Flash News notification is sent to all ACE users.
  • Responsive Design

    ACE is designed in a way to cater users on all types of devices and screen sizes. The responsive design of the application supports wide range of browsers, screen sizes and orientations. Supported modern browsers include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Supported platform includes Windows, iOS, and Android.