Tired of carrying around and consulting bulky service manuals, shop manuals and user guides to remote locations for taking care of your heavy equipment? Always running short on time scrolling through hundreds of pages of bulky manuals and guides to access your desired information? In fact, those still relying on conventional methods for operations and maintenance of heavy equipment have to undergo such inconveniences quite frequently. So, is there a better alternative to the conventional approach? The good news is, there is, i.e. KOManual.


Komatsu Manual, referred commonly as KOManual, is an app designed and developed by Komatsu Pakistan Soft (KPS) that digitalizes service manuals, user guides and shop manuals to assist operatives in dealing with Komatsu heavy equipment. It features all essential information required to optimize operational and maintenance capabilities of Komatsu equipment by using PDF & DjVu formats for service manuals, user guides and shop manuals. With support for iPads and tablets (Windows & Android), KOManual adds new meaning to the concept of mobility viewing in heavy equipment industry.

KOManual reflects upon the innovation and creativity that Komatsu has introduced in working with heavy equipment over the years and caters aptly to the need of convenient access to user manuals and guides. With its ability to work in offline mode, KOManual serves as an ideal choice for working in remote areas devoid of any reliable network or cellular connectivity. When online, desired books can be downloaded from server, which can then be used remotely in offline mode.


  • Compatibility

    It is compatible with iPads and tablets (Windows & Android), bestowing you the freedom to choose your preferred platform.
  • Dual Application Mode

    Dual application mode enables it to work in ‘Connected’ as well as ‘Disconnected’ or ‘Offline’ mode, which means technicians and other concerned personnel will have access to all the critical information they need about a particular machine even in remotely located sites.
  • Automatic Updates

    ‘Connected’ mode links KOManual to the server every time it goes online, where it checks for any updates and proceeds to download automatically if it finds any. This means technicians will not have to halt or delay operations due to outdated information about their concerned machines.
  • Mobility

    ‘Disconnected’ or ‘Work Offline’ mode imparts mobility to KOManual, where it enables viewing of previously downloaded data on tablet/mobile device, turning into a highly resourceful tool for working in remote locations.
  • Convenient and Enhanced User Interface

    A highly convenient user interface makes running through KOManual a breeze. From finding the desired information quickly to downloading the required books and manuals, everything is simplified and streamlined with enhanced features like:
  • Text searching and highlighting

    Offers free word text searching option in manuals, which enables jumping to the required page where you can find your desired information highlighted. This definitely saves time and requires less effort as compared to going through whole guide page by page or chapter by chapter to access your desired information.
  • Zooming, Panning & Scrolling

    Offers the ability to zoom, pan and scroll through any part of your desired page, document or diagram, providing enhanced visibility and accessibility.
  • Data Size Management

    You also get the privilege of managing data size on tablet devices based on your individual preferences.
  • Thumbnails

    One of the most useful features of KOManual is none other than thumbnails. With literally hundreds of pages in a manual and chapter after chapter of relevant information, sifting through it becomes an extremely tedious and time consuming task, which can be supplemented significantly with thumbnails. With thumbnail images of every single page and image, pulling out your desired information from the whole stack cuts the time and efforts needed dramatically. With this feature, all you need to do is to identify and download your desired thumbnail image for further viewing.
  • Page level hyperlinking

    Hyperlinking between pages enables page jumps, which makes moving from one page to another page or one set of information to another, really easy and timesaving by effectively narrowing down the scope of your search.
  • Page Preview & Content Based Navigation

    Page preview and content based navigation between pages offered by KOManual is another smart way of significantly optimizing access to your desired information.
  • Multiple Format Support

    It supports PDF manuals as well as DjVu image format for best quality images.
  • Multilingual Support

    It also supports documents in multiple languages.
  • Easy Circuit Tracking Diagrams and Circuit Toolbar

    Circuit diagrams are a highly integral as well as complex part of user manuals and KOManual offers circuit highlighting feature for better understanding them. KOManual hosts circuit diagrams on DjVu format, which has certain advantages over other commonly used formats; for example, it gives you highest quality resolution in lowest file size. When you are dealing with countless pages of manuals and guides, such differences can aggregate significantly. DjVu format offers you extremely sharp images even if you zoom in to the minutest of details, which means you can easily magnify the circuitry without compromising on resolution quality. KOManual also boasts of ‘Circuit Toolbar’ functionality with ‘Zoom-in/Zoom-out’, ‘Select/Deselect All Circuit’ and ‘Select Multiple Circuits’ features, offering you unparalleled maneuverability. Within a cluster of circuitry, you can simply click on your desired circuit and it will be highlighted from end to end, offering you the most detailed and crisp view.
  • Bookmarks

    Adding bookmarks is a highly useful feature offered by KOManual. Any page can be bookmarked for convenient viewing at any time. Instead of sifting through hundreds of pages in a manual, you can get to your desired information through the saved bookmark.
  • Memos

    Similarly, adding memos is another great feature packed in KOManual, helping you create and save important memos for further use. In fact, KOManual offers you two different types of memos, local and global. Local memos are stored locally on the device you are using, while global memos are stored on server, which can be viewed by a global audience, conveying essential information to any concerned party in the most convenient manner.
  • Data Clean-up

    ‘Data Clean-up’ feature is used to help delete any previously downloaded books that are not needed currently.
  • Enhanced Security Features

    Security is one of the most critical areas of this era of digital revolution. KOManual takes care of it superbly by:
  • Secure Activation

    Implementation of active directory and reverse proxy authentication protocols to let any user log in to the application in the most secure manner.
  • Data Encryption

    Instigating data encryption, making sure that a document can only be viewed using KOManual.
  • Diversified Hierarchical Downloading Options

    Offers the ability to download single page/manual as well as bulk downloading depending upon your particular needs and requirements. In fact, selective chapters can be downloaded using KOManual, thanks to its hierarchical download mechanism, which makes it possible to download individual chapters instead of whole manuals. For a detailed look at KOManual, click here to access the latest version of KOManual User Guide.
  • Embrace the Futuristic Approach of KOManual

    Working with heavy equipment is a highly challenging endeavor in itself, let alone making it even more cumbersome by having to carry along and scroll through loads of manuals, guides and diagrams manually every single day. It not only consumes much extra time, but also wears the operatives out while engaged in less significant activities. This could aggregate to a substantial loss of time and effort, marring the productivity and efficiency of a project quite seriously.
    So, what’s the best way to maneuver through such challenges? In fact, it’s none other than embracing the futuristic solutions like KOManual, easing you through day-to-day dealing with heavy equipment in the most proficient and convenient manner.