KOMQuest allows pre-diagnostics of machine issues prior to sending Technician to site, by providing a list of possible causes and corrections based on machine issues reported by the Customer. It provides a single source for Technician to find diagnostic information by giving access to global information and potential causes of symptoms which may not appear in a Shop Manual. KOMQuest allows a technician to take the Right Parts and Tools to the Customer machine, giving every opportunity to fix machine on the first visit. It also provides an option for the technician to feedback and record if this has assisted with diagnosing and resolving machine issues. This targets an Improved Customer Satisfaction by providing quicker diagnostics to get machine back to productive work or to its maximum performance.

Features & Functionalities

  • Type a machine complaint to search and filter thousands of records to display most relevant information to the user within a second.
  • The intelligent type-ahead feature allows you to find the right content quickly and easily.
  • The voice search makes it faster and easier to find the likely cause of machine issue. Rather than typing, use microphone and specify the problem to get the machine failure information.
  • KOMQuest dynamically improves its fast-searching capabilities by taking feedback from technicians in the form of Votes. Diagnostic results with higher votes are always brought to the top.
  • View details of users who have upvoted a result and how long ago it was upvoted.
  • Technicians on site in broad daylight may find difficulties in reading on their mobile or tablet screens. This is where read aloud feature comes in handy. On a tap of button KOMQuest application will read aloud important details such as cause of a problem, how was it noticed and how it can be resolved.
  • View details of a critical part and navigate to My Komatsu website to check pricing information. It helps you to order Komatsu parts quickly and easily, in order to increase machine uptime.
  • KOMQuest has been designed in a way to cater users on all types of devices and screen sizes. Be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a high-resolution desktop monitor, with KOMQuest's seamless UI design, users can adapt to it on all devices without any hassle.


  • A light weight and standalone diagnostic tool to be used by Komatsu Technicians for providing better services to the Customers.
  • Consumes and utilizes data from Global TSI’s in a Complaint, Cause and Correction format to provide pre-diagnostics of machine issues.
  • Provides ability for the users to search by a fault code or descriptive complaint to match and prioritize the results.
  • Displays critical part number that were used for previous repairs with a link for users to see price and availability of part.
  • Has the ability to sort and boost the search results by region, distributor or other factors to provide most probable cause and correction of machine issues.
  • Supports multilingual search and accordingly provides results in same language, so it can be used globally by Komatsu Technicians.
  • Provides ability to sort and filter the results by Distributor, Model, Application, Environment etc. to drill down and find the probable cause of machine issue.
  • Continuously improves the diagnostic results by getting the feedback from technicians and by consuming more data with time.