Komatsu Parts Portal

The Komatsu Parts Portal (KPP) is a global application designed to revolutionize daily operations for distributors, enhancing user experience and productivity in parts business operations. It seamlessly integrates with multiple systems, including PMATES (Core Parts System), Data Warehouse, GT Nexus, ECM (Documents Repository), & FlagShip, providing a centralized hub to efficiently manage parts inventory and access real-time information. This comprehensive solution offers a range of benefits, such as instant sales order creation, immediate order confirmation, real-time tracking, simplified shipping cost management, convenient access to invoices, seamless communication between Distributors & Komatsu America Corp. (KAC), and much more.


  • Empower Sales Operations

    Enhancing the efficient management of sales orders, the KPP application offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities for sales order inquiry, creation, and modification. It facilitates smooth communication between distributors and Komatsu by sharing crucial order information, including allocation status, suspend reasons, and pricing details. Distributors can conveniently place orders through the portal, benefits from automated order confirmations upon successful creation, and gain access to estimated time of arrival information for back-ordered items. Additionally, distributors can easily inquire about existing orders or request changes to order types, providing flexibility and responsiveness in the order management process.
  • Track Order Status

    Monitor and access real-time updates on the status of your sales orders with ease. You can download related documents and request for improved Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) when needed. This feature enhances efficiency, facilitates documentation access, and enables proactive order management.
  • Check Stock & Price Availability

    The application provides comprehensive information on part stock and pricing. It offers detailed insights into KAC stock, distributor inventory, vintage inventory, Lippert inventory, global inventory, and KAC factory inventory. The searched parts provide access to detailed information on chain and remanufactured parts.
  • Rate Shopping

    Simplify the process of evaluating carriers and costs for shipping. With KPP, you can easily compare carrier options and associated costs based on destination, weight, and case dimensions. It enables informed decision-making and cost savings.
  • Streamline ETA Improvements

    Distributors can proactively take measures to expedite their back-ordered parts. They can initiate requests for improved estimated time of arrival, which are then reviewed by expediters for prioritized fulfillment. Once the relevant expediters are informed, they can promptly begin their work. This collaborative approach ensures the timely delivery of orders, optimized order timelines, and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Invoice Adjustment Requests

    Distributors can create requests to adjust invoiced amounts. These requests are reviewed and either approved or rejected by the corresponding department. Distributors receive timely notifications regarding the status of their requests, ensuring accurate financial transactions and transparent communication.
  • Convenient Access to your Invoices

    With KPP, you can streamline invoice management, promote efficient record-keeping, and ensure data confidentiality. Search, view, and download various types of invoices retrieved from the PMATES system. You can access & download invoices including sales invoices, adjusting invoices, return invoices, and internal invoices based on your assigned roles and permissions.
  • Efficient Return Request Management

    The KPP application simplifies the process of registering return requests for various issues encountered with received parts. Distributors are provided with the flexibility to select from different request types, including Annual Surplus, Order In Error, Shipped In Error, and Exception, and submit their specific requests. These requests are then carefully reviewed by the corresponding personnel at KAC, who makes the decision to either approve or reject them. Upon approval, the requests are assigned a unique Parts Return Authorization (PRA) number, and distributors are promptly notified. Furthermore, the module offers the capability to make additional requests, such as modifying the PRA quantity or destination, while also granting access to tracking information for enhanced visibility.
  • Access Detailed Part Information

    KPP offers Part Master Inquiry to view comprehensive details about parts. You can search for specific parts and retrieve information on specifications, availability, pricing, and more.
  • Stay Up-to-date with Pricing

    Ensuring distributors have up-to-date pricing information to make informed decisions, KPP facilitates them to schedule and access price files. They can automate downloads on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Distributors can also request on demand downloads through a batch process, receiving notifications when the file is ready for download.
  • Pricing Review

    Empowering distributors to actively participate in price evaluations, the application facilitates them to request a review when they receive better prices from Komatsu's competitors. These requests are subject to approval from the KAC pricing department, ensuring fair and competitive pricing in the market.
  • Call Initiation for Part Inquiry

    With KPP you can enhance communication & collaboration between distributors & the concerned departments to facilitate smooth parts operations. It allows distributors to initiate calls and seek assistance or information related to parts inquiries. These calls cover various categories such as technical support, customer service, Retail Inventory Management, depot, and returns. Each registered inquiry is efficiently forwarded to the respective department responsible for addressing the specific category, ensuring prompt and accurate responses.
  • Simplify Depot Operations

    KPP helps distributors to easily inquire about the Depot Authorized Stocking List for any specific depot and view a comprehensive list of available parts. Additionally, it facilitates distributors to request the addition and deletion of a part to a depot, with the corresponding department promptly notified to take appropriate action.
  • Work Load Distribution for KAC

    Allocate tasks among team members and distribute the workload. It enhances collaboration, optimizes resource utilization, and promotes timely completion of work, ultimately boosting productivity and achieving successful outcomes.
  • Drive Sales & Increase Revenue

    KPP presents distributors with a valuable opportunity to get rebates by successfully fulfilling pre-defined sales criteria. KAC generates programs for retail sales and wholesales rebate. For retail sales, the distributor initiate the request whereas for wholesale rebate, the system generates requests automatically. These requests subsequently undergo a review process for approval.


  • Dashboard & Work Queues

    The Dashboard offers a comprehensive graphical representation of Distributor Requests created through the portal, providing users with a quick and insightful view. Upon login, users are automatically directed to their personalized work queue, where they can view their assigned tasks. With its user-friendly interface, managers and authorized users can efficiently optimize the allocation of valuable resources by reassigning tasks. This empowering feature enables them to easily allocate tasks to the most suitable resources, resulting in maximizing productivity and resource utilization.
  • To-Do List

    Gain complete control over your workload and easily prioritize tasks. Handpick tasks from your work queue and add them into your personalized to-do list, which remains prominently displayed at all times. It helps you to manage your workload, enhance productivity, and monitor progress throughout the day.
  • Follow-up Tasks

    Set follow-up dates for tasks to revisit them on the specified dates. By scheduling follow-ups, KPP helps to enhance task organization, prioritize work, and promote timely completion of critical activities.
  • Notifications

    KPP ensures that you stay informed and proactive by providing notifications for all your relevant tasks that require immediate action for example return request submission and ASN submission. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to set self-assigned notifications, allowing you to monitor and keep track of specific business processes.
  • Reporting Module

    Set your criteria and generate comprehensive reports of order status and collaboration activities. Whether you opt for scheduled reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or require the flexibility to generate on-demand reports instantly, the system caters to your individual preferences.
  • Configure Master Data

    With the flexibility to configure and customize master data settings, authorized users can tailor the system to meet specific business requirements.