Komatsu Parts Portal is Komatsu's Global Product built for the Distributors to improve user experience and increase productivity of parts business operations. Current deployment of Komatsu Parts Portal is for Komatsu America (KAC) Distributors. Komatsu Parts Portal is integrated with several other systems like PMATES (Core Parts System), Data warehouse, GT Nexus, ECM (Documents Repository) and FlagShip via IBM Integration Bus (IIB). Being a Global Product, it can be used by any Komatsu.


  • Sales Order Maintenance

    Using this module user can inquire already created sales orders, create new sales orders and request for sales order changes. Order allocation status, suspend reasons and price information is shared with Distributor and also Order confirmation is sent to the DB on successful creation of a sales Order. Distributors can also see the ETA information in case a sales order is back ordered.
  • Order Status Tracking

    The order status module helps to search and view status of submitted sales order. User can download sales order related documents and initiate request for improved ETA if required.
  • Stock and Price Availability

    Using this module, user can search and view stock & price information of parts. User can view detailed information regarding KAC stock and Network stock (including distributor inventory, Vintage inventory, Lippert inventory, global inventory and KAC factory inventory). We can also see chain and reman part information of the part being searched.
  • Rate Shopping

    Rate Shopping feature provides information related to Carriers and Cost with respect to destination, weight and case dimensions.
  • ETA Improvement Request

    Distributor user can initiate ETA Improvement request to improve currently provided ETA of back ordered parts. The request is reviewed by corresponding expediters and are expedited as per requirement of the Distributor.
  • Invoice Adjustment Request

    Distributors can create a request to Adjust invoiced amounts. These requests are then forwarded and notified to the corresponding department to either approve or reject the request. In case of Approval or Rejection, distributor user is notified.
  • General Invoice Inquiry

    This module provides feature to search and view all kind of invoices. These invoices are retrieved from PMATES system. User can download all type of invoices which include sales invoices, adjusting invoices, return invoices and internal invoices based on roles and rights of the user.
  • Part Return Requests

    This module provides feature to register return requests due to any kind of issue in received part. The request type can be order in error, shipped in error, annual surplus, or exception. Once the request is received, it is either approved or rejected by corresponding person on KAC side. Once approved a PRA number is assigned to the request and Distributor is notified. DB's can also make a request to change PRA quantity or destination, and view PRA tracking information.
  • Part Master Inquiry

    The Part Master Inquiry module keeps information of all parts. User can inquire about any part and view its detailed information.
  • Price Review

    The Price Review module is used to generate review request in case distributor users are getting better price from Komatsu competitors. These review requests are subject to approval from KAC pricing department.
  • Price File

    Price file creation screen allows Distributors to schedule for Price file downloads (daily, weekly or monthly). DB's can also request a price file or price bulletin to be downloaded on demand, but as it is a batch process once they submit the request the batch process will execute immediately and once the file is created, DB will be notified and then they can download the file from Portal.
  • Call Registration and Inquiry

    A distributor user can initiate a Call to inquire anything related to Parts. It could be related to technical, customer service, RIM, depot and returns. These registered inquires are forwarded to concerning department based on the call category.
  • Depot

    The Depot module is used to inquiry about Depot ASL for any depot. The inquiry screen displays list of all parts available in a depot. Users can also request to add a part to a depot using this module. Corresponding department is notified, and they take appropriate action.
  • Access control

    Komatsu Parts Portal has a detailed access control and provides ability to create as many roles as per requirement. One user can be assigned several roles as per requirement. Any user logging in to portal is given rights based on these roles. Roles can be copied and can be modified whenever required.


  • Dashboard

    Dashboard provides a quick view of Distributor Requests created through portal in graphical form. User can navigate to their work queues from the Dashboard. Currently following dashboard's are available from the Komatsu Parts Portal:

    • Customer Service
    • Returns
    • Depot
    • Pricing
    • Accounting
    • Distributor
  • Work Queues

    The work queue is created based on the work assigned to a User or a Business Role. Any user logging in is taken to his work queue to see what work has been assigned to him. A Manager user or a user with proper rights can reassign work from one user work queue to another users work queue.

  • Reminders

    A user can put reminders on certain requests so that the system will prompt the user on given date and time to do the job for which reminder was set.

  • To Do List

    Users can further prioritize their work for the day by adding items to their to-do lists. To-Do list will always be present as a drawer on the right side of the screen reminding the user to do the task during the day.

  • Notifications

    There are two type of notifications in the system:

    • Mandatory
      • A user will always get these type of Notifications as they are directly related to their work and action is required from the user.
    • Self-Assigned
      • A user can subscribe to notifications which are not related to their work, but they want to keep track of certain business processes.