The TEC introduces a messaging solution for seamless communication with customers & business users. Following simple steps, it integrates with applications that are already in use. Having TEC embedded in your applications means that logged in users can send their questions and receive answers in no time. It provides a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales. Give your customers the fastest, most effective way to interact with support people and solve their queries.


  • Focused Discussion

    Topic based live chats connect customers with Subject Matter Expert. Choose department & topic and connect with the right support personnel.

    • Access TEC: User logs in to application & click on TEC icon.
    • Select Channel: User can choose the department they need to raise a query to or choose from list of related topics to be precise.
    • Broadcast Message: A message is sent to all of the assigned support personnel mapped to the Department & Topic selected in previous step.
    • Connect with Support Agent: Once a support person takes up the query, a one-on-one chat discussion is started, and other support agents are notified.
  • One-to-One Chat

    For inter or intra departmental communication, internal users can start chat with their colleagues to resolve any business-related issues.

    • Access TEC: User logs in to application & click on TEC icon.
    • Select User: Chat window display contact list of all the internal users. Click a user and initiate chat.
    • Communicate: You are all set to chat. Discuss your business queries by sharing files & documents.
  • Voice-to-Text Messages

    TEC gives you an amazing feature to convert your words into text messages. You don’t have to use your keypad but you can write a lot by recording your voice notes.
  • Document Sharing

    Share attachments such as Documents, Images, Videos and GIFs to make communication more clear and effective.
  • Frequently Asked questions

    Improve users’ experience by providing quick information they might ask about certain department & topic. Offer focused discussion and connect them with support agent if their concern is not resolved.
  • Forward Message

    Multiple team members can assist a customer to combine knowledge and resolve issues quickly. Seamlessly transfer chat to another support agent on a single click.
  • Multiple Chat Heads

    Talk to multiple team members simultaneously and receive notifications about incoming messages. The active chat heads are available in chat window, letting you switch between conversations.
  • Broadcast Message

    Messages from customers are broadcasted to all corresponding support personnel based on the department & topic selection. As soon as a Support Personnel takes up a query, TEC notifies all other agents of the same group that no further action is required by them. This allows them to take up queries from other customers.


  • Integrate Quickly

    The TEC plugin can be embedded in any application with minimum changes. Integrate the plugin in your app by following easy steps provided via Integration Guide.
  • Customize Easily

    Completely change the look & feel of chat window as per your application design.
  • Support in Real Time

    Instead of emails, introduce better ways to communicate with clients and team members. Through TEC, customers can start live chat anytime while using your application.
  • Support Multiple Channels

    Organize department & topic-based channels and communicate with the right Subject Matter Expert.
  • Prevent Communication Loss

    All conversations are secure and agents are notified about missed messages received during busy or offline state. It establishes connection to respond back to offline queries.
  • Improve Experience

    Better & effective medium for customers, support staff, sales agents, & managers. Instantly communicate with customers and resolve concerns.
  • Business Growth

    Increase your business and generate revenue 10 times more by providing instant answers to customers’ questions.